AlArabiya - Arabic Font

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Here you can download AlArabiya Arabic Font which is a part of our collection containing over 100 downloadable font files, each of them holds multiple styles varying in boldness and other decorative features.

The AlArabiya Arabic Font supports at least 28 Arabic glyphs from a Unicode range of U+0600 – U+06FF (a standard range for Arabic letters)

You are free to download and install this font on your computer, however for commercial use of AlArabiya Arabic Font please refer to the license files included on the download package, or the licensing section of the font properties. Although technically this font is compatible and may be used as Arabic font for Photoshop and other design projects, the license could be limited so do not forget to check out these limitations first. Otherwise, AlArabiya font is open for personal use: it can be easily configured as Arabic typesetting for Mac, used in school projects and other personal design needs.

Font Name: AlArabiya
Arabic Typography:yes
Font Compatibility: Arabic fonts for Android
Arabic web fonts
Arabic fonts for Mac
Arabic fonts for Photoshop
License: See included license documentation